Rolling ENVE’s

Rolling ENVE’s

Written by Maverick pro Jake Rhyner

Rolling ENVE’s

Carbon Wheels are not created equal. 

2016 marks year numero uno riding ENVE wheels and I am quite impressed with both the SES 3.4 and 7.8 wheel sets. In considering gear selection I have a few criteria that must be met:






When it comes to performance typically have you to make choices that are a bit of a tradeoff. For example, you can ride the lightest tires with least rolling resistance but you better be practicing your “flat changing” skills.  In essence you have to find what you need, based on your personal use, and goals. For me that was simple.

For me having wheels that I can roll in training right into transition for race day is pretty sweet. I have a sweet bike so that I can ride it, not wrench on it. So if you value your time the way I do, spend more of it training vs. adjusting brakes, pads and wheel swaps. From the moment you receive your ENVE wheels you feel you have a quality product and these folks standby their craftsmanship with an industry leading FIVE year Manufacturer’s Warranty. Five years! And a replacement program if you happen to hit up the drive thru with your bike onto of your car. These wheels are hand built in Ogden, UT and something warm and fuzzy comes over you when you get a card telling you who hand built your wheels!

I strongly encourage you to consider ENVE wheels, as an investment to your performance and enjoyment! After all, you’ll be riding these wheels daily and those local KOM’s could be in jeopardy.

For more information on ENVE wheels and products visit: HERE

Thanks for checking in and be sure to follow along as I heal up from surgery and prepare for Miami 70.3. As always big thanks to all those that help keep me in the game. Maverick Multisport

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