Team Sponsors:

Gold Sponsor: Every Rolf Prima wheel is handbuilt in Eugene, Oregon, USA along with many of their rims as well.  Rolf Prima has developed a testing regime that puts their wheels through the ringer, be it impact, braking, durability – you name it. Many of these test are performed in- house at their Eugene facility.  Rolf Prima hand builds every wheel so they can build one specifically for you. The Rolf Prima Built on Demand Program allows you to customize your hub, rim and decal color. Additional upgrade options like ceramic bearings, tubeless kits and more are available as well.  Learn more at

Gold Sponsor:  Blue Competition Cycles was founded in 2004 by a company with roots in engineering and technical products. The founders had a passion for cycling, and became involved coaching riders and creating a small women’s team. Having difficulty finding a bike sponsor, and relying on the engineering background, they decided to make the bikes themselves.  They designed the first generation of bicycles, painted them blue, and named the company Blue Competition Cycle. Cyclist and triathletes have been winning on Blue since the day the company was born.

Today, Blue Competition Cycles, also known as Blue Bicycles, is taking its products to another level of precision. Building upon a foundation of producing world-class caliber racing machines through a combination of refined carbon fibers, wind tunnel developed tube construction, rider comfort and a relentless commitment to aerodynamic perfection. Blue has mastered the art of seamless balance between speed, power efficiency and rider comfort.  Find out more at

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Gold Sponsor: Jaybird Sport makes great bluetooth headphones that our athletes will use in 2017, their FREEDOM Bluetooth headphones, and the all new X3 headphones.  Jaybird is changing the game and is about challenging everything we know and accept about the products. The X3 rewrites the rules of Bluetooth audio, delivering a sound you’ve never heard before.  Jaybird is constantly finding new ways to encourage you to push past your limits and #PowerYourPassion.  Find out more about Jaybird Sport and their products at

blueseventy logoSilver Sponsor: 20 years of developing and constantly tweaking patterns have allowed blueseventy to get a fit that works with the swimmer. Not against them. It’s that superior fit that leads to better performance and comfort in the water so that their pro athletes emerge first from the water at every iconic race in the world including the Olympics and World Championships over every distance. That’s their measuring stick. And for this reason blueseventy is chosen by more swimmers than any other brand.  Maverick Multisport is proud to be using the all new 2017 HELIX wetsuit and the new blueseventy swimskin PZ4TX, goggles, caps and other training accessories including the core shorts.  For more info go to and use code beamaverick to SAVE 30% OFF all items.


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Silver Sponsor: ROTOR produces high end components including Q-Rings, Power Meters, light & stiff cranks.  Their mission…to simply make you ride faster and hurt less. ROTOR is the manufacturer of the now famous and soon to be ubiquitous Q-Ring, the first ever Oval chainrings that have helped to win, Multiple elite UCI world champion CX, Road and MTB titles, Grand tours (Tour de France and Vuelta a España), Multiple duathlon and triathlon world championships including 30 Ironman races.  Our athletes will using be Qrings and the new Rotor 2INPower Aero, axle based, capable of dual leg pedal analysis, torque effectiveness and pedal smoothness, in 2017.  Visit them at

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Silver Sponsor: Infinit Nutrition are makers of the worlds only 100% all natural, super-premium, all in one custom blended nutrition solution.  Their nutritionists take the time to meet each athlete’s unique needs and make each order by hand!  Each formula is specifically tailored for each of our athletes.  Shouldn’t you as an athlete have the same?  Check into Infinit at, use code: Maverick for 10% OFF all regular priced items.


Bronze Sponsor: Incorporated in January 2005, 2XU is driven by a relentless company mission to advance human performance through the development of world-leading athletic garments.  In its first year, 2XU graced the skin of multiple World Champion athletes and has since formed powerful alliances and key partnerships with World Champions across the globe in numerous sporting niches.  Designed and tested in consultation with leading industry experts and sporting institutes, all 2XU garments employ intelligent physiological design, cutting edge performance fabrics and construction.  Founded and based in Melbourne, Australia; 2XU now boasts vast international distribution and is fast becoming the most technical sports brand in the world.  Check out the gear at


Bronze Sponsor: The RecoveryPump system is an FDA approved, medical grade, Sequential, Intermittent, Pneumatic, Compression Pump (well known in the medical field as SIPC and the standard of care for acute venous disorders) that inflates 4 chambered sleeves from the foot to the hip. Receiving massaging compression feels great and is very restorative. RecoveryPump advocates the use of compression stockings in conjunction with the RecoveryPump System for recovery and, in particular, travels or during work that requires standing or sitting for long periods of time.  For more info go to


 Bronze Sponsor: Bollé has been in business for 125 years and is world renowned for superior optics in the world of cycling and snow sports. Now in 2017, Bollé introduces, The One® cycling helmet. Fantastically ventilated with 31 inlets, and completely aerodynamic with its removable aero shells, The One® is also perfectly designed to hold your sunglasses in its ‘Sunglasses Garage’ if you remove them during the race. With a focus on safety, The One® features a Bollé exclusive SAFETY QR Code and a specially-designed BOLLÉ LED along with interchangeable winter and summer linings allowing for year-round use. Find out more about their new line of helmets and their always impressive optics line at


Bronze Sponsor:  Part of the Victory in 2017! Maverick Multisport is excited to announce a renewed partnership with CeramicSpeed this season. CeramicSpeed are makers of the World’s Best hubs, bottom brackets, UFO chains (Ultra-Fast Optimised) and now the new Oversized Pulley Wheel System (OSPW). All Maverick pros will be running the entire line of CeramicSpeed products this season which have been shown to save riders an amazing 16 watts! Huge performance gains that can be the difference between a win and being off the podium.  Upgrade your ride at



Bronze Sponsor: What began as experimental shoe alterations has transformed into the only shoe company to provide a cushioned Zero Drop™ platform and FootShape™ toe box. This innovative combo promotes low-impact technique and allows your feet to remain in a natural, relaxed position across every terrain.  Maverick triathletes are excited to work with a company whose founders, —elite athletes and running store managers, —wanted a shoe that let you run the way you were born to.  Take your run to the next level at


Team Partners:

swiftwick LogoSwiftwick put the time and energy into creating the best environment for your feet. They focus on quality materials, quality partners and quality people, making the best products they possibly can make.  All of their products are made in the USA.  Not some, not most…ALL.  They are driven by technology and excellence.  They make the best socks you will ever wear…Guaranteed!  Check them out at

Park Tool has been manufacturing bicycle specific tools since 1963. Based out of St. Paul Minnesota, they are the world’s largest bicycle tool manufacturer. A long-term dedication to quality, innovation, and customer service has made Park Tool the first choice of professional and home bicycle mechanics around the world.  The first Park Tool product in 1963 was a repair stand, Model PRS-1, so unique and useful that it was granted a U.S. patent.  With nearly 300 products, the vast majority of which are manufactured in America’s heartland, Park Tool Co. continues to develop and refine bicycle repair tools and equipment to improve the service and efficiency of all bicycle mechanics, professional or hobbyist.  Find out more at

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Vittoria believes that challenging yourself and achieving the NEXT LEVEL in sports is the most gratifying, great feeling there is. It is their mission to help you improve your cycling performance and achieve the NEXT LEVEL by producing the best and fastest tires in the world. And they have been doing it for the past 60 years.  Vittoria gained its reputation the hard way – at the very highest levels of competitive cycling. Champions like Moser, Hinault, Indurain, Ullrich, Pantani, Cipollini, Menchov and Sastre and many others have all raced and won on Vittoria tyres, and have continued to work with Vittoria in product development.  For more information visit

shimano logoShimano product sales constitute 50% of the global bicycle component market. Its products include drivetrain, brake, wheel and pedal components for road, mountain, and hybrid bikes.  Maverick pro athletes will be riding Shimano cassettes, Di2 electronic groupos and cables; front and rear dérailleurs along with the Pro Missile Aero cockpit, Shimano Dura Ace Pedals and the S-PHYRE cycling and TR9 triathlon specific shoes.  Find out more about the rich history of Shimano and their entire line of cycling products at


Listening to your body is one thing, understanding what it is telling you is a different story. That is where Polar can help. By measuring your Heart Rate Polar products help you to achieve your fitness goals. Whether you are getting active, want to improve your fitness or are looking to maximize your performance, Polar has a product that is right for you. Polar unique features help you to plan, train and analyze your training and is something we have been doing since 1977 when we invented ground breaking solutions for Heart Rate Training.  Start listening to your body, visit for more info. will get your bike here, there, almost anywhere.’s bicycle shipping service simplifies bike shipping by making it affordable, reliable and convenient. Give them a try for your next event, vacation, work trip or sale.  Visit


For over twenty plus years, John Cobb has been consulting for some of the bicycle industry’s most prominent bicycle and component brands, as well as working with some of the world’s top athletes. He is an internationally acclaimed aerodynamics and biomechanics expert, as well as the owner of multiple design patents.  Our team will be aboard the full line of Cobb saddles in 2017.  For more information about John and his new products available online, go to


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