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Fitter Radio podcast with Team Director Chris Hutchens

Bevan Mckinnon from Fitter Radio talks with Maverick Multisport team director Chris Hutchens about the overall growth of triathlon teams in the market. FITTER RADIO – EPISODES: JAN 23 2017 FITTER RADIO: EPISODE 146 WORKOUT OF THE WEEK Stress and recovery. ONE STEP AHEAD Following on from last week’s segment on the latest research around […]


Lesley Smith on TRS Radio at ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Championship

(Note: Lesley’s interview starts at the 28:00 mark) Fri, 23 September 2016 The Airstream is in Oklahoma City for face-to-face interviews. First, Ben and Mark talk with Cody Beals, the Canadian pro triathlete and budget guru about life, physics, winning lots of 70.3 races, climate change, racing in North Carolina, Donald Trump and where NOT to […]


Body Image Issues with Michael Kloosterman

Maverick age group athlete Michael Kloosterman joins the Performance On Demand podcast to talk about body image issues that he has battled, how he got into the sport, what kept him motivated, the ups and downs and how triathlon has helped him deal with it. POD 057 Body Image Issues with Sir Michael Kloosterman 0 […]


Jessica Jones Meyers. Soldier. Pro Triathlete. Mom.

  Jessica Jones Meyers on Being a Soldier, Professional Athlete and Mom Posted by Dan in Podcast on May 16, 2016 Jessica Jones Meyers is combat veteran, professional triathlete, and most impressively, mother of twins. She has been a Team RWB leader and ambassador from our earliest days. In this inspirational and sometimes raw conversation, […]


Chris Hutchens // Performance On Demand Podcast

All Episodes POD 048 Chat with Maverick Multisport team director Chris Hutchens 0 Jan 27, 2016 In this episode, Craig and Jeremy chat it up with Maverick Multisport Team Director Chris Hutchens.  Listen in for all the fun banter! Questions, comments or topics you would like to cover – email us at Follow us on Facebook, […]


Jessica Jones Meyers // Performance On Demand podcast

All Episodes Archives Now displaying: Page 1 POD 041 The Life Of A Badass With Pro Triathlete Jessica Meyers 0 Dec 30, 2015 In this episode, Craig and Jeremy talk with one bad ass lady, Pro Jessica Meyers.. This was a blast.. you MUST listen! Questions, comments or topics you would like to cover – […]


Zen and the Art of Triathlon podcast with Lesley Smith

FROM ZENTRI: Pro triathlete Lesley Smith joins us to talk about eating and training with balance in our crazy sport, Kai (10 years old) beats me in a sprint triathlon, and I continue my training towards a self-supported Ultraman. I truly enjoyed talking to Lesley and her common sense approach to eating in our sport.  […]


Babbittville Radio podcast with Justin Metzler (via

Justin Metzler did his first triathlon with his dad in Glenview, Illinois when he was only 13 years old. Dad earned bragging rights that day, but now just 22, Justin has come a long way since. He was named USA Triathlon’s Rookie of the Year in 2014 and, after dropping out of Wildflower earlier this […]


Zen and the Art of Triathlon interview with Mike Hermanson (

Mike Hermanson sits down with Zen and the Art of Triathlon to discuss life before triathlon, what issue triathlon helped him resolve and how he spends his days outside the sport. Inside – An interview with Pro Triathlete Mike Hermanson (Website, Twitter), news, audio from two kid’s triathlons, and training tips! Maverick Team DISCOUNTS!, […]


Zen and the Art of Triathlon podcast with Justin Metzler

***Justin starts his interview on the podcast at the 11:40 mark*** Newly crowned USAT Rookie of the Year Justin Metzler calls in to tell us all about what training is like at a pro camp.  He tells us the ins and outs, funniest moments, and a little too much about A.J. Baucco’s inner thighs. Justin […]

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